You can't hire by looks.

Your next worker's comp claim may look perfectly healthy and fit,
but what you don't know CAN hurt you (and your employees)!

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Legally protect your workforce - your greatest asset - by making sure your employees are physically capable of doing the job. At Job Ready Services, we know that employees who are physically capable of performing their job are more productive and have a reduced risk of injury.


From Our Clients...

- Vicki Hewitt-McNeil, Case [...]

"As a Nurse Case Manager, I find the work conditioning program at Job Ready Services to be the GOLD STANDARD. Excellent communication from the staff regarding progression or lack of progression of the injured worker is provided on a regular basis and this has led to great success with return to work or identification of injuries that will not allow them to return to their previous work assignment.

The staff is trained in X-RTS methods for doing Functional Capacity Evaluations which is extremely helpful.

Excellent staff, easy referral process, and great source of communication!"

- Anonymous Employer

"None of us who are working with Caitlyn have ever gone through a job analysis before.  Caitlyn has excellent customer service skills.  We have been very impressed with her knowledge and expertise in the field.  She has been patient with us and took the time necessary to explain things we just did not understand.  This morning is another example of her professionalism, she emailed me to followed up if we have gotten a number of staff who will be validating the job analysis reports. 

Thank you for sending such a professional and patient person to work with us."

- Janet Howell, Case Manager

"I will continue to refer patients and colleagues to yall! You are definitely the best!"

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WorkSTEPS™ testing is a legally compliant, scientific and objective means of matching a worker's functional capabilities with the essential functions of the job.

Contact us for all of your ADA, EEOC, OSHA and NIOSH compliant employment testing, workers' compensation support and workplace training needs.

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